About Our Legal Help Online

Year after year, U.S. citizens spend millions of dollars on various legal requirements, from incorporations to final wills. Some others delay creating important legal documents on account of the hassle and high fees. As lawyers, we realized there needed to be a less difficult, more cost-effective way to manage standard legal issues.

Our founding idea was for a user friendly, web based service that helps individuals make their particular legal documents. We hired some of the top minds in the legal and engineering areas to make this idea a reality. The outcome is Chad Gaddie Legal Online, the major, nationally acknowledged legal brand for online legal help in the United States.

From the start, our objective was to set new criteria for ease and assistance in a sector not generally known for fantastic customer care. We think it needs to be easy for anybody to make a last will, brand a name, incorporate a business or manage various other typical legal issues. For all of us, the aim is not just to offer a good, cost-effective choice – it is to ensure that every person receives the legal protection they require.

Since starting our virtual legal help, Chad Gaddie Legal Online has quickly grown to become the leading online legal place for people all over the USA. But as the firm continues to expand, we are very careful to keep true to our initial idea. For all of us, placing the law attainable to hundreds of thousands of people is a lot more than merely an innovative idea – it really is the founding guideline.

Created by skilled attorneys, our 3-step approach is quick and simple. Just log into our protected, online office and answer a set of simple questions. The majority of people complete them in a few minutes, but there is no hurry. Your answers will be saved instantly therefore you can come back anytime to finish your questionnaire. In case you need help, our customer service team is only a phone call or e-mail away.

When you complete the questionnaire, our document assistants examine your answers for reliability and completeness. In case we require clarification or extra details, we get in touch with you directly.

After that we print out your legal papers on high quality, bond paper and send them out to you together with straightforward wrap-up directions. With several of our services, we also file your papers with the proper government bureau.

Finishing your questionnaire is actually free of charge. You can make a decision at the end if you want to buy your legal documents. When you are ready to start, just go to our homepage to choose your Chad Gaddie Legal Online service.

Every day, we help shape and direct this firm and its vision to enable people to take care of legal issues. We enjoy being aware that our work is in the end about assisting people.

How to Find a Good Attorney

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Who We Are

Chad Gaddie is an Arizona attorney who started his law practice in 1994. Since acquiring his law degree in 1988, he has worked as a special prosecuting attorney as well as criminal defense lawyer. Throughout the period, Chad has likewise represented civil clients in various claims.

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